Humble Beginnings

We are a true “mom and pop” operation - husband and wife team, John and Nancy Rinehart.

Nancy began Side Hustle Soups as a true side hustle in late 2019. She had been catering for the Shakespeare Tavern in Atlanta GA for almost 30 years at that point, and had stepped away from the kitchen to raise their two kids. Even after feeding people professionally for decades, she still found it challenging and sometimes overwhelming to feed her own family while juggling work, school, and life. 

Nancy and John tried all kinds of meal kits but were often disappointed by the quality and the amount of packaging waste. After many conversations with other moms who expressed similar concerns, Nancy decided to start selling soups from her family recipes. She froze them in Mason jars for maximum convenience (and nutrient retention!), then collected and reused the jars to virtually eliminate packaging waste. Her soup was a hit with the pre-school crowd, and a new “side hustle” was born!

Word of the new service spread...and then the pandemic struck. When the Shakespeare Tavern paused its production schedule, Nancy and John were able to use the commercial kitchen to ramp up the soup business. Once the Tavern reopened Side Hustle Soups quickly outgrew the time and space available in the kitchen. They sold the Tavern side of the business and now focus solely on bringing their delicious hand-crafted soups and more right to your door.

Side Hustle Soups makes the kind of soup that you wish you had time to cook yourself - the kind that start with homemade stocks that take all day to simmer. Soups made from fresh whole ingredients, diced by hand to the perfect size for each soup, and seasoned with freshly chopped herbs and their own ground spices.